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Home applications with a touch of style

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Microsoft Bookshelf 98 Microsoft Encarta 98 Microsoft Encarta 98 Deluxe Edition Microsoft Encarta 98 Reference Suite
Quick access to everything you need for productive writing! Brings learning to life for everyone in your family Turn your computer into a powerful learning tool The world's most comprehensive PC Reference Library


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Microsoft Encarta Virtual Globe Microsoft Greetings Workshop Microsoft Greetings Workshop Deluxe Microsoft Home Essentials
Discover places, people and cultures from the comfort of your own home Create the quality of Hallmark with a blend of your own creativity The quality of Hallmark with a dash of multimedia greetings Everything you need to accomplish your home PC tasks.


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Microsoft Picture-It! 2.0 Microsoft Plus! for Kids Microsoft Publisher 97 Microsoft Works 4.5
Easily turn good pictures into great pictures Make Windows 95 even more fun and secure for kids Create high-impact publications in a few easy steps Integrated and easy to use software for the home