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Microsoft Encarta 98 (Reference Suite)
Learn, explore, communicate

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Learn, explore and communicate with the powerful tools in Encarta 98 Reference Suite

Together for the first time—three best-selling PC reference tools.

This five-CD compilation features Microsoft Encarta 98 Encyclopedia Deluxe Edition, Encarta Virtual Globe 1998 Edition, and Bookshelf 98 for a depth of information and engaging multimedia you can’t find anywhere else.


  • Explore five compact discs filled with reference tools that put essential information and engaging multimedia at your fingertips.
  • Learn more from 32,000+ authoritative articles in Microsoft Encarta 98 Encyclopedia Deluxe Edition—6,000 of them new or updated for 1998.
  • Immerse yourself in the geography and cultures of tens of thousands of places with Microsoft Encarta Virtual Globe 1998 Edition, the most comprehensive world atlas ever created.
  • Enhance your written communications with Microsoft Bookshelf 98, featuring definitions, quotations, synonyms, and pictures from 10 popular reference works.
  • Create detailed, thorough reports and papers using the Microsoft Encarta Report Organizer, a powerful, new report-writing tool designed to help you gather information, form outlines, and compose citations.

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