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Microsoft Encarta 98
The world standard in multimedia encyclopedias

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Microsoft Encarta 98 Encyclopedia brings learning to life for everyone in your family

Immerse yourself in the world’s most popular multimedia encyclopedia—now on 2 CDs!

Microsoft Encarta 98 Encyclopedia brings more than 30,000 authoritative articles to life with engaging multimedia, lightning-fast search tools, up-to-date Web Links, and so much more that it now comes on two compact discs!


  • Browse more than 30,000 articles—4,000 new and revised for 1998—plus 300,000 links to related topics!
  • Enhance your learning experience with more than 8,000 photos and illustrations; 1,000 maps, charts, and tables; 2,000 sound clips; and 100 video clips and animations.
  • Expand your exploration and connect to the World Wide Web with a simple click on any of the 2,500 links in Encarta 98 Encyclopedia articles.
  • Explore subjects in detail with 20 new multimedia Collages.
  • Surround yourself with spectacular, 360-degree panoramic views of famous locations such as the Roman Coliseum, the Palace of Versailles, and New York City’s Times Square.

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