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Microsoft Outlook 97
It's about time

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Make the most out of your time and information with Outlook 97

Microsoft Outlook 97—one window to your world of information.

Introducing Microsoft Outlook, a breakthrough in workgroup and individual desktop information management. Organize and manage your electronic mail, calendar, tasks, contacts, and documents, and easily communicate with others—all from one window.


  • Preview the first three lines of e-mail messages with AutoPreview for fast prioritizing and decision-making.
  • Navigate through your Outlook modules, Office documents, and even access your favorite Internet sites from the Outlook Bar.
  • Use AutoCreate to drag and drop one Outlook item to create another Outlook item. For example, drag an e-mail message to your calendar to create an appointment automatically.
  • Use the revolutionary Outlook Journal to find and track Office files based on when you last worked on them, not by where they were filed or what they were named.
  • View your information by table, calendar, card, timeline, or icon, or customize a view.

ex-site.gif (1209 bytes) For more information, visit the Microsoft Outlook 97 Website
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