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Do More/Work Less : Get Organised, Get Connected, Get Results!

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Microsoft Office 97 Standard Edition Microsoft Office 97 Professional Edition Microsoft Office 97 Small Business Edition Microsoft Word 97
Do more, work less Get organized, get connected, get results Organize, promote, and grow your small business The world’s best-selling word processor is now better than ever


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Microsoft Excel 97 Microsoft PowerPoint 97 Microsoft Outlook 97 Microsoft Access 97
Microsoft Excel equals easy access to powerful analysis Make professional presentations with the smart, flexible options in PowerPoint Put communication and organization at your fingertips Get the database power you need to make better business decisions


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Microsoft Project 98 Microsoft Team Manager 97 Microsoft Money 98 Microsoft Money 98 Financial Suite
Take complete control over managing your projects Your key to building a collaborative, productive team It's easy to take total control of your finances The integrated solution for achieving your financial goals