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Microsoft Office 97 (Standard Edition)
Do More/Work Less

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The world's most popular office suite, now with the power of the Web - Microsoft Office97, Standard Edition

Microsoft Office 97, Standard Edition, unites the world’s most popular applications with the power of the Internet!

Microsoft Office 97, Standard Edition, provides everything you need to organize information and manage your everyday tasks. And new Internet functionality brings the power of the Web to your desktop, making it even easier to get powerful results faster than ever before.

Get your job done faster and better than ever. Get Microsoft Office 97, Standard Edition!


  • Standard Edition contains four powerful applications that work together and work alike:
    Microsoft Excel 97 (spreadsheet), Microsoft Word 97 (word processor), Microsoft PowerPoint 97 (presentation graphics program), and the newest addition to Office, the Microsoft Outlook 97 desktop information manager, which helps you manage your time, communications, and documents.
  • Built-in, integrated tools let you easily create and publish content for the Web.
  • The innovative Office Assistant gives you interactive assistance—providing advice, help, and tips as you work.

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