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Microsoft Money 98 (Financial Suite)
The Complete, Integrated Financial System

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The integrated solution for achieving your financial goals

Money 98 Financial Suite helps you master all of your finances, from goal planning to investing.

Microsoft Money 98 Financial Suite provides a comprehensive system to help you achieve your financial goals. Receive complete planning and tracking tools, personalized guidance, and current online information—from one integrated product.



Microsoft Money 98 is included—making it easy to set up your accounts, track your expenses, create useful budgets, and bank online.

  • Goal Planner links the other Financial Suite components—they automatically update to help you achieve your short- and long-term goals.
  • Microsoft Investor helps you track your investments and automatically sends you news alerts for them each time you go online.
  • Microsoft Money Insider provides various financial articles and information that are updated each time you connect to the Internet.
  • Advisor FYI helps you avoid financial mistakes, prioritize transactions, adhere to your budget, simplify complex decisions, and recognize opportunities.
  • Automatic monthly reports provide a comprehensive overview of your finances, a summary of the month’s activities, and a preview of the month ahead.
  • The Converter Wizard for Quicken allows you to copy your Quicken files into Money 98 Financial Suite easily.

ex-site.gif (1209 bytes) For more information, visit the Microsoft Money 98 Financial Suite Website
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