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Norton Utilities Gold Edition

Key Features


New and Improved Problem-Solving and Disaster Recovery Tools

  • Norton WinDoctor -- A new and exclusive feature to Norton Utilities, WinDoctor is a standalone utility that extends problem-solving capabilities for users. It proactively and continuously monitors and cleans the system, then intelligently detects and fixes problems within the Windows 95 Registry, system files and software applications. WinDoctor checks for problems such as lost shortcuts, invalid registry entries, broken applications and missing DLLs. WinDoctor presents a list of problems and either fixes them automatically or lets users manually fix them. WinDoctor detects software errors and ensures that Windows applications are installed and working properly. WinDoctor intelligently groups problems based on their cause. For example, if a user renamed an application's folder, WinDoctor will identify all registry and application problems caused by this action and repair them all at once.
  • Norton Web Services and LiveUpdate Pro -- Norton Utilities 3.0 for Windows 95 provides a free, limited time subscription to Norton Web Services. Norton Web Services allows users to access LiveUpdate Pro, a new Internet-based utility that provides patches for Norton Utilities, Norton AntiVirus virus definition updates, as well as any other software applications and hardware drivers on the user's system. Ideal for problem-solving, LiveUpdate Pro updates applications and drivers by taking an inventory of the software on the user's system and comparing it to a database of available updates. When a match is found, LiveUpdate Pro offers to install the update and also provides the ability to undo an update if necessary.
  • Norton CrashGuard 3.0 -- Norton Utilities 3.0 for Windows 95 now includes a fully integrated version of Norton CrashGuard 3.0 and provides the best crash and recovery protection available. CrashGuard runs continuously in the background, using only 150K of memory to intercept crashes and "unfreeze" applications. When an application crashes, CrashGuard intercepts the crash, so users can save their work. CrashGuard includes Norton Anti-Freeze that offers to restore frozen applications, even when the user is forced to use Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Now integrated with the Norton System Doctor, the CrashGuard sensor not only intercepts application crashes, but also monitors critical system resources for conditions that lead to system or application crashes, such as when resources or memory are dangerously low, and prevents crashes from occurring.
  • Norton Zip Rescue -- Rescue Disk offers exclusive disaster recovery improvements and now provides the added capability of saving rescue information on an Iomega Zip Disk. Norton Utilities is the first product to allow users to recover their systems by booting into Windows, instead of DOS. The new Rescue Recovery Wizard guides users through the recovery process via a familiar and easy-to-follow Windows interface. Users can save their work and recover critical files using Windows. They can also run the Windows-based Norton Utilities such as Unerase Wizard and Disk Doctor to fix problems and recover the system. The rescue sensor in Norton System Doctor now recommends updating the rescue disks when changes are detected to critical system areas such as the boot record or CMOS.
  • Norton System Doctor -- Unique to Norton Utilities, the Norton System Doctor helps keep computers free of problems and working at peak performance. It runs quietly in the background, continuously monitoring a computer's operating environment, and unobtrusively scanning for serious problems. System Doctor now uses fewer resources while running in the background and scans for problems with no interference to the user. Norton System Doctor is completely customizable, giving users the option of monitoring more than 80 system conditions. When a problem occurs, there are now three levels of alarms to indicate the severity of problems (Notice, Caution and Alert.) The alarms will notify the user immediately when conditions require attention and provide a detailed description of the problem. Norton System Doctor tells the user how to fix the problem and which of the Norton Utilities to use, and it can also fix many problems automatically.

New and Improved Optimization Tools

  • Norton SpeedStart -- This feature optimizes the start up speed of launching applications, such as Word and Excel. It reduces start times, loading the applications up to twice as fast as Windows itself. Speed Start automatically detects when any and all applications on the machine load and optimizes their load time.
  • Norton Optimization Wizard -- This new utility provides several system optimization functions including Registry Optimization, a process that compacts the Windows Registry and reduces the time it takes Windows to boot. The Norton Optimization Wizard also optimizes the size and placement of the Windows swap file by setting it to an optimal size and placing it at the front of the disk. Norton Optimization Wizard allows Windows to access the swap file faster, which boosts system performance and speeds up the user's system.
  • Speed Disk -- Significantly enhanced in this version of Norton Utilities, Speed Disk provides the fastest, most intelligent disk optimization available. Using patent-pending optimization technology, Speed Disk intelligently optimizes the placement of files on the disk based on how often they are accessed or modified. Speed Disk places frequently accessed files at the front of the disk for fast access and infrequently accessed files at the end of the disk, leaving the free space in the middle. This not only increases overall system performance, but also reduces the potential for file fragmentation over time. 

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