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Norton AntiVirus 4.0 Gold Edition

Key Features

  • Bloodhound heuristics - Real-world protection that "sniffs out" new and unknown viruses and detects and repairs unknown macro viruses. Researchers at SARC estimate Bloodhound can detect over 90% of new macro viruses and 80% of new file viruses.

  • LiveUpdateNow Schedulable - Downloads current virus definitions from the Internet or BBS. Run LiveUpdate during installation, then schedule future sessions to run automatically. Provides definition updates FREE for the life of the product!

  • LiveUpdateEmail - For the latest news on viruses and virus hoaxes, SARC will send you email notification. Includes LiveUpdate attachment so you can access new virus definitions right from your email program.

  • Repair Wizard™ - Sooner or later someone will send you a file containing a virus. Don't panic. Tell Repair Wizard to remove the virus automatically and the file will be as good as new.

  • Emergency Boot Disk - If you already have a virus and can't load your operating system, this will help remove the virus so you can resume using your computer.
  • Free Earthlink Network TotalAccess™ - Internet access and Microsoft® Internet Explorer browser offers.

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