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Microsoft NT Server Enterprise Edition
Network Operating System

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Network operating system

The best-selling server operating system—now with enhanced scalability and availability.

Microsoft Windows NT Server, Enterprise Edition, is the best platform for large-scale distributed applications.

Microsoft Windows NT Server, Enterprise Edition, is a cluster-ready operating system with built-in support for larger symmetric multiprocessing servers, increased RAM, and scalable distributed applications.


  • Built-in Microsoft Cluster Server software, when used on a validated cluster configuration, provides increased availability for mission-critical data and applications with automatic recovery from failures.
  • Symmetric multiprocessing server support for up to an eight-way configuration results in greater scalability.
  • More application RAM improves performance by increasing the amount of real memory available to memory-intensive applications.
  • Built-in Microsoft Transaction Server and Microsoft Message Queue Server software make it easy to build and manage applications that tie together thousands of machines across enterprise networks—with full transaction protection and assured message delivery.
  • The Microsoft Windows NT Server platform offers unparalleled flexibility and choice, significant IT lifecycle cost savings, and enterprise-class support options from Microsoft.

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