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Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Professional Edition
Superfast development

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The new Visual Basic Professional Edition   version 5.0 is up to 20 times faster than before

Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0, Professional Edition, offers unbridled performance with native code compilation and unparalleled visual productivity with a new intelligent development environment, a comprehensive set of wizards, and ActiveX control creation.

Powerful new features for efficient client/server solutions.

Create high-performance client/server and Internet applications with Visual Basic 5.0, Professional Edition.


  • Use native 32-bit code compilation for the Windows 95 and Windows NT Workstation platforms.
  • Simplify complex, repetitive, and time-consuming programming tasks with ActiveX control creation, an enhanced object browser, and a comprehensive set of wizards.
  • Eliminate the need for memorization of valid syntax, optional arguments, and component properties with the new multiple-project, intelligent development environment.
  • Develop advanced Internet and intranet applications using ActiveX control and document creation, ISAPI server creation, Microsoft Internet Explorer browser control, file transfer protocol (FTP), and Windows Socket control.

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