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Microsoft Team Manager 97
Manage your team activities

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Your key to building a collaborative, productive team.

Introducing Microsoft Team Manager 97! The easy way to manage team activities.

Build a more collaborative and productive team as you consolidate, coordinate, and track team activities.

Microsoft Team Manager 97—the one workgroup tool you need to manage your team. Team Manager consolidates information, coordinates teamwork, and tracks and reports the details so you can focus on the big picture.


  • Task Organizer automatically consolidates individuals’ tasks, progress, and status reports.
  • Built-in alerts highlight critical issues such as impending deadlines or items needing immediate attention.
  • Performance tracking and automatic goal reviews make performance evaluations easier and more accurate.
  • Microsoft Team Manager works with Microsoft Office 97, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Schedule+, cc:Mail, Lotus Notes Mail, Microsoft Exchange, or over a network.
  • Best Fit Scheduling figures out whether everyone can get their work done in the time available based on deadlines and priorities.
  • Package includes license for five team members.

ex-site.gif (1209 bytes) For more information, visit the Microsoft Team Manager 97 Website
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