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Microsoft SNA Server
For all your host connectivity needs

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Enhance and extend your existing investment in PC/LAN and host technologies with Microsoft SNA Server version 3.0.

Microsoft SNA Server version 3.0 provides one platform for all your host connectivity needs.

Microsoft SNA Server version 3.0 makes it easy to integrate IBM mainframe and AS/400 systems with the Microsoft Windows NT Server network operating system and PC desktops.

Reduce the cost and complexity of host integration with Microsoft SNA Server version 3.0.


  • Offers advanced tools for easy system setup and centralized graphical administration.
  • Supports every major PC and network operating system, LAN type, SNA host, and connection type.
  • Provides server-based 3270 and 5250 printer emulation with Host Print Service.
  • Supports up to 5,000 users running up to 15,000 sessions.
  • Extends the C2-level of security to SNA data, even in a Netware or TCP/IP environment. Further integration with AS/400 and mainframe security systems allows secure, single sign-on to the whole enterprise.

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