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Microsoft Natural Keyboard
Comfortable and ergonomic for Windows-based computing

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Begin more comfortable computing for Windows today!

Ready for Windows 95, the Microsoft Natural Keyboard features IntelliType software.

Responsibly designed for greater comfort, following extensive ergonomic and usability research, the Microsoft Natural Keyboard lets you work more comfortably by helping you type with your hands, wrists, and forearms in a more relaxed posture.


  • Type with your hands and wrists in a more relaxed posture.
  • Rest your hands on the built-in palm rest while not typing.
  • Most users adapt to the split keyboard within a few hours.
  • Windows logo function keys and IntelliType software simplify access to the Windows 95 operating system with 20 new shortcut commands.
  • The Microsoft Natural Keyboard is compatible with the Windows, Windows NT, and MS-DOS operating systems, and is ready for Windows 95.

ex-site.gif (1209 bytes) For more information, visit the Microsoft Natural Keyboard Website
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