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Microsoft Internet Explorer
The web the way you want it

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Get in tune with the latest Internet technologies and surf the web the way you want it

Microsoft Internet Explorer makes it easier for you to get unto the Internet and gives you everything you need to handle even the most difficult Internet tasks.

Go on, get Internet Explorer FREE now and experience a whole new surfing experience - one where YOU are in command!


  • Includes everything you need on the Internet: The best Internet browser, Outlook Express e-mail and Internet news reader, NetShow and NetMeeting conferencing software, FrontPage Express Web-page authoring tool, and more!
  • Channels deliver personalized Web content directly to your desktop so you can view information at your leisure, without waiting to go online.
  • The new Search bar simultaneously shows your search and the Web pages you’ve visited. No more backtracking!
  • Complete messaging tools in Outlook Express make it simple to send and receive visually powerful Internet e-mail and newsgroup postings.
  • Get it FREE from the web or on CD from your nearest Microsoft Reseller.
  • The Full Install package includes:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer (browser)
    • Microsoft Outlook Express (mail and news reader)
    • Microsoft Chat (IRC application)
    • Microsoft NetShow Player  (video and audio streaming)
    • Microsoft FrontPage Express (website development tool)
    • Microsoft Netmeeting (internet conference application)
    • Connection Wizard (easy Internet connection tool)
    • Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard (website uploading tool)
    • Real Player (internet video and audio application)

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