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Microsoft IntelliMouse TrackBall
The Smart, Comfortable Way to Work

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Get to the point quickly—without scroll bars.

Microsoft IntelliMouse TrackBall is the comfortable, ergo-nomic, and accurate way to get work done.

Use the smooth, natural movement of your fingers on the trackball and Wheel to control IntelliMouse TrackBall comfortably and accurately. Place your hand on the unit and you’ll find that your fingers rest comfortably over the trackball and Wheel.


  • Experience how finger-based control can give you superior comfort and accuracy.
  • Helps increase your productivity by reducing fatigue with the advanced ergonomic design.
  • Scroll smoothly and precisely through screens of information with a simple roll of the Wheel.
  • Watch information roll past automatically at whatever speed you choose, hands-free with the AutoScroll feature.
  • Touch the CTRL button and turn the Wheel into a one-step zoom control — zoom in for the details or out for the big picture.
  • Navigate the Internet with unprecedented speed and ease in conjunction with Internet Explorer 3.0 or later.

ex-site.gif (1209 bytes) For more information, visit the Microsoft IntelliMouse TrackBall Website
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