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Microsoft Close Combat A Bridge Too Far
The Thrill of Combat—The Power of Command

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It takes guts to think in the heat of battle

Based on World War II’s Operation Market Garden, Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far challenges you to take control of five strategic bridges in occupied Holland. From war-room strategy to gritty trench combat, you’re in command of Allied or Axis powers. It’s a desperate fight—and every second counts.


  • Fight across three fronts simultaneously in real-time combat.
  • Command men who act like real soldiers.
  • Designate reinforcements for battle using the Resource Allocation Model.
  • Experience dynamic battle flow—advance your forces or be pushed back across established lines of defense.
  • Design your own battles by handpicking the fighting units.
  • Take full advantage of elevated terrain, multistory buildings, and true Line of Sight/Line of Fire.
  • Dominate battlefields rendered in rich 16-bit graphics, while devastatingly real, stereo sounds of war surround you.
  • Command more than 130 realistically modeled infantry and vehicles including assault units, flame-throwing tanks, and exotic half-tracks.
  • Fight head-to-head with other desktop commanders over modem, LAN, or the Internet.

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