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It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Thank you for visiting us for our online launch. To celebrate the occasion, we're giving away some cool stuff. We have some free gifts as well as some very specials prices for those who come and visit us online during this week of our launch.

In order for you to be able to be eligible for any of these offers, you must go to the TICKET PAGE and print it out!

Only for the first 100 customers to come down to our showroom at Funan Center, we will be giving away 1 Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 CD, 1 Microsoft Interactive Games Sampler CD and the option to buy either Microsoft Age of Empires at S$50 or Microsoft Flight Simulator at S$50. T

Only to the first 50 customers to buy Microsoft Office 97 Professional Full Pack or Upgrade, we will give away a FREE copy of Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection or Return of the Arcade. Plus, we will throw in a Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 CD, a Microsoft Office97 Service Pack CD and a Microsoft Interactive Games Sampler CD.

Anyone who takes part in the above 2 will not be able to take advantage of this...
For anyone who comes down to our store within the first week of our launch, we will give you Microsoft Age of Empires at a low price of S$69.